Spring 2015 Adds

Hello DJs,

I hope you are enjoying your shows and getting more an more familiar with the station and the club as a whole.

Like I stated at are general meeting, us music directors want to properly inform the club members on which ADDs we like and and which ADDs we recommend for which shows. The attachment here gives you a little insight into what ADDs are already loaded on the station computer. Alex, Joelle, Connor, and I have uploaded about 10-12 albums from various artists. Here's just a peek into what we like!! 

More ADDs will frequent the computer as we move along this semester. Please expect one of these emails about every two weeks as our music gets updated! Comments are welcomed!

- Your MDs


Pat’s ADDs

Artist: Umphrey’s McGee

Album: Similar Skin

Description: Umphrey’s McGee is so difficult to put into a genre. They are a progressive rock band with jam band and folky roots. They have played with bands like Phish, moe., and the Disco Biscuits. Songs like “No Diablo” and “The Linear” are two highlights of the album. They are a very instrumentally driven band with amazing talent. They tour in small venues around the country frequenting the East coast. They actually came to Lupo’s last winter and killed it. One of the best light shows I’ve ever witnessed. So far this ADD is my favorite on the computer.

Sounds Like: Phish, moe., Lettuce, Disco Biscuits


Artist: String Cheese Incident

Album: Song In My Head

Description: This Colorado based folk band is the perfect ADD for any folk, country, or jam rock shows. They have toured with a lot of the same bands as Umphrey’s McGee but their genre tends to be softer, more easy-going folk music. Their psychedelic sounds will appeal to many DJs though. Songs like “Song In My Head” and “Let’s Go Outside” offer some upbeat funky jams perfect for any blues, rock, or country station looking for the perfect complimentary ADD.

Sounds Like: Yonder Mountain String Band, Mumford & Sons, Phish


Artist: Raised Fist

Album: From The North

Description: This metal band rounds out my list of highlighted ADDs. They are heavy and bring some real fucking power! They remind me of Avenged Sevenfold with their heavy harmonic guitars, coupled with some real screaming and angst. In a post System of a Down world, they would be proud to see metal not going to waste. “Ready to Defy” sounds EXACTLY like System… Serj’s personality comes through in this jam. “We Will Live Forever” also takes metal to the next level. Give this a listen if you have a rock or heavy metal show. With my show being “PEACE & POWER” you better believe this ADD will see some spins!

Sounds Like: Korn, System of a Down, Avenged Sevenfold, Rise Against


Alex’s ADDs

Artist: Bike Thief

Album: Stuck In A Dream

Description: Bike Thief sounds like a combination of Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins.  The best song on the album is “Violet Waves” by far.  Other good songs are “Shimmer” and “Ghost of Providence”.  I am a big Radiohead fan and think that more bands should draw influence from them.  This band clearly does. Perfect ADD for any pop or soft rock show.

Sounds Like: Radiohead, Coldplay, Smashing Pumpkins



Artist: Papadosio

Album: Night & Day

Description: Night and Day is a live album with a compilation of some of Papadosio’s greatest hits.  Papadosio is a light rock band that has been pumping out music since 2009.  They draw their sounds from Coldplay and many other modern light rock bands.  The best songs on the album are “New Love”, “it wasn’t for you”, and “The Elephant I prefer.”  I like this album because it has a new rock sound while also staying true to fundamental rock principals.

Sounds Like: Lettuce, STS9, moe.


Connor’s ADDs

Artist: The National Parks

Album: Young

Description: This band could just secretly be The Lumineers who added a piano player and no one would ever know. Both bands have similar amount of acoustic guitars, harmonicas, and dual male/female vocals and both come from the Rocky Mountain region. The songs are light and usually upbeat, making their songs better for softer/indie shows. The songs start to sound the same after a while, but it’s all consistently good stuff.

Best songs: “Ghosts” “Helsinki”


Artist: Seinabo Say

Album: For Madeline - EP

Description: This album blends pop, R&B, and electronic music all together and yet somehow iTunes labels it under “Alternative”. Anyways, this Swedish singer is amazing. In a lot of ways, her style resembles that of and edgier, female, Sam Smith—very vocal heavy, passionate tracks, but all encompassed in some darker synth/drum beat. The whole album is great—especially the remix of “Younger” that Kygo is brought in for. This album will probably play best for pop/electronic shows, but I’ll recommend it to everyone.

Best songs: “Younger (Kygo Remix)” “Hard Time” 


Artist: Ariel Pink

Album: Pom Pom

Description: Ariel Pink tried to make a “California-in-the-early-70’s” pop album and he did just fine.  Synthesizers, droned out vocals, and lyrics about everyday nonsense dominate the majority of the tracks. It’s all very different from typical tracks heard today-- and this whole album definitely won’t be for everyone-- but for the shows that enjoy a little experimental or lo-fi 60’s rock, then it’ll fit in great.

Best songs: “Put Your Number In My Phone” “Picture Me Gone” “Lipstick”

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