art angels

ADD Reviews

Below is a list of some of our MD’s favorite ADDs to start the semester.  If you have any feedback on any of the ADDs on the computer or if you are looking for more of a certain type of music please let us know.  Otherwise hope everyones shows are going well and enjoy the music.


-Bryan Rupprecht
Head Music Director
WDOM 91.3

Bryan’s ADDS:

Artist: Spoon
Album:  Gimme Fiction (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Similar Artists: The Shins, My Morning Jacket,  The National, Modest Mouse
Recommended Tracks: I Turn My Camera On, Merchants of Soul, The Delicate Place


For the 10th anniversary of their classic alternative rock album, Gimme Fiction, Spoon released a special edition of the album with remastered original tracks, unreleased tracks, and demos.  The album, which was one of the most critically acclaimed of the decade, helped to establish Spoon as one of the most innovative and popular alternative bands in the world.  It has a generally mellow feel, and the band does a lot of experimenting with their sound, especially on guitar.  The album would be good for any rock show, especially alternative shows.

Artist: David Bowie
Album: Blackstar
Similar Artists: No one can be compared  
Recommended Tracks: Lazarus, Blackstar, I Can’t Give Everything Away 

David Bowie was one of the most influential and innovative musicians of all time, and his final album Blackstar is no different.  Even with his death approaching Bowie continued to push the boundaries of not only music but also art, as he had done for over 50 years.  The album combines elements of many different types of music including art rock, funk, and jazz, to name a few.  Perhaps the most interesting part of the album is how Bowie addresses death and his legacy on tracks like Lazarus and I Can’t Give Everything Away.  The album is good for many different types of shows, mainly rock, but any fans of music should enjoy the album.

Artist:  Cage the Elephant
Album:  Tell Me I’m Pretty
Similar Artists: The Black Keys, Cold War Kids, Kings of LeonRecommended
Tracks: Trouble, Mess Around, That’s Right

 The bands follow-up to their 2013 album, Melophobia, is much more raw than any of their previous album.  Currently the album’s single, Mess Around, has been featured on many alternative radio stations.  The influence of the album’s producer, The Black Keys’ frontman Dan Auerbach, is very noticeable on the album, especially in songs like Mess Around and Punchin’ Bag.  Many of the songs on the album differ in their feel, and it is hard to pin down an exact feel for the album, although it is gernerally consistent with the band’s previous work.  The album is good for any rock shows, and pop shows may even want to check out Mess Around and Trouble.   

Sean’s ADDs:

Artist: Cloud Cult
Album: The Seeker (Earthology)
Sounds Like: Head & the Heart, Fleet Foxes

Description: The Seeker is the second LP from the eight-person supergroup, Cloud Cult. This concept album describes a quest for the meaning of life through powerful emotional vocals and mystical, floating instrumentals. Cloud Cult seamlessly incorporates a wide variety of musical genres and styles into their songs to create a project that will appeal to many listeners. Definitely consider playing some Cloud Cult on any alternative, rock show.


Artist: Grimes
Album: Art Angels
Sounds Like: Sia, Suuns, Lady Gaga


Description: Art Angels by Grimes is an album that will certainly grab your attention. This album is the brain child of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Clair Boucher, known by her stage name, Grimes. Grimes incorporates live instrumentation, experimental and electronic production style, and her characteristic bright and spunky voice into an extremely coherent and exciting project. Art Angels was ranked by several music publications as one of the best albums of 2015 and features artists Janelle Monae on “Venus Fly” and Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes on “Scream.” Any dance, pop, or electronic shows looking for some experimental tunes will love this ADD.  


Artist: Jimkata
Album: In Motion
Sounds Like: Twenty One Pilots


Description: In Motion by Jimkata keeps it fun and breezy with this electronic rock album. This LP features pop hooks, retro-inspired analog synths and production, along with jamming rock rifts. With such a combo, it’s impossible not to groove along to this album. If you are looking for some electronic rock jams for your radio show, try spinning “Wild Ride” or “Jumping Out of Airplanes,” and enjoy!


Em’s ADDs:

Artist: The Crookes
Album name: The Lucky Ones

This band hails from Sheffield in the UK and have an alternative sound that's definitely worth giving a listen. Their newest album, "The Lucky Ones" is their fourth album and has some newer sounds than some of their older releases. With fun beats like that of Walk the Moon and the sometimes sultry rock vibe of Arctic Monkeys, this is a band that would be a perfect fit for any rock, indie or alternative show.

Artist: Old Man Canyon
Album name: Delirium


This Vancouver-based band has that 70's/80's sound that seems to be taking over the music scene lately. The first track, "Learn to Forget" delivers that psychedelic vibe while tracks like "Back to the Start" convey the same feel in a poppier, more radio-friendly way. For fans of Phoenix, this indie group will be sure to rock your world with dreamy synth and percussion.Artist: Far From AlaskaAlbum name: modeHumanI'm always a fan of a rock band with a killer female vocal. Far From Alaska punk/grunge band from Brazil led by frontwoman Emmily Barreto. Tracks like "Politiks" start off with driving, gritty guitar with some definite southern influences, while "Thievery" gives you more of a heavier garage band feel. With a powerful, raspy female lead and heavy instrumental like that of Taylor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless) and more of a punk feel like that of Bands for Babies' own Royal Street, I definitely recommend our rock shows to give this band some love/airtime. Huge fan!