Interview with Acid Dad

On December 5, 2015 Pat Ford and Erika Bryz of WDOM held an interview with Acid Dad, a band from Brooklyn conceived in August 2014. Aside from learning their riveting backstory as a group and how they conquered their local music scene, Acid Dad discusses some inside news on their EP which is scheduled to release in early 2016. Check them out on Facebook, soundcloud, Spotify and Instagram @Aciddad666 

Interview with Surfer Blood and Foxtrax


On Friday, November 13th WDOM 91.3 FM interviewed the band Surfer Blood. We discussed their new EP "1000 Palms" and some of their upcoming shows. Check out our interview with the band.

Surfer Blood is also asking for donations to help their best friend and former guitarist Thomas pay for cancer treatment. Help Thomas beat cancer by donating or purchasing an item at


On Friday, November 13th, WDOM 91.3 FM Providence College Radio intervewed Foxtrax. Foxtrax is an Indie Alt Rock band from the NYC area. They have played at venues like the Long Beach InnLeft Field PubPete's Candy Store, and the Mercury Lounge. Foxtrax was recently named The Deli Magazine's NYC Artist of the Month. Check out our interview with the band! 

Interview with David Cicilline

On November 9th our Head Music Director Bryan Rupprecht had the opportunity to interview U.S. Congressman David Cicilline (D- RI) about his upcoming event "Town Hall for the Next Generation" (Thursday, November 12th, 7 pm, Providence G Ballroom, 100 Dorrance St, Providence, RI).  The event will be event will be an opportunity for young people and the Congressmen to discuss the issues that most directly impact young adults.  Bryan had the opportunity to get the Congressman's opinion on issues such as student debt, social security,  climate change, and other issues facing young people.

A New Cultural Take-Over — Electronic Dance Music

A New Outlook At A Popular Trend in Music

written by Genesis A Garcia

With a lot of craziness arising in the midst of festival season, the media begins to circle around the fact that festivals are dangerous due to drugs. In 2013, Electric Zoo, a music event in New York's Randalls Island that drew about 130,000 fans, cancelled their third day due to some incidents involving two young fans. A student from the University of New Hampshire, Olivia Rotondo, 20, and recent Syracuse University graduate Jeffrey Russ, 23, died after apparently taking MDMA, which is commonly referred to as ecstasy or Molly. Since the early 1990s, raves and dance music have been strongly associated with ecstasy and MDMA.

The documentary “Under the Electric Sky” exposes the rave culture in many different ways, especially the road to Insomniac’s famous Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Pasquale Rotella, the event entrepreneur, mentions the reason he started this experience was because the underground scene had been destroyed by drugs. Something that was once used to enhance emotions and visuals was abused. Drugs enhanced the feeling of the environment, the music, light shows, and dancing and also gave people a boost of energy to continue throughout the night. There are people who do not know how to handle themselves and don't know their limits, and unfortunately, there are people who pass around dangerous drugs. It's a potentially lethal combination.

House music originated in Chicago in the 1980s and spread across the pond to the UK and Europe, giving rise to underground raves that seemed to be a new modern culture in contingency to the hippie movement of the 1960s.

When I discovered my love for raves, it was at a Wolfgang Gartner set at Lupos Heartbreak Hotel. The description given to me prior to my first rave was confusing. How could you go to a concert where the artist isn’t singing or dancing, but just DJing? I didn't know what to expect going in. When I entered the venue, I felt a blast of hot air come to my face and when I entered the crowd. I had no personal space. (P.S I don’t recommend a rave to anyone who is claustrophobic.) But when I looked around and saw how many happy people were there and how much creativity existed there, I was hooked. I trusted my friends and knew they wouldn’t bring me to a place that was unsafe, although at some points I did feel a bit nervous due to the sheer number of guys trying to hit on me and the amount of drugs being openly consumed.

As the show began, people danced freely as if they had not a care in the world. There were lights everywhere and so many colors; I thought it was dope. I'm a shy person and care about the way I present myself and how I look, but here, I felt like nobody cared — all anyone wanted was to be free. I was introduced to “P.L.U.R” (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) in which two people interact with hand gestures and exchange Kandi, handmade bracelets made out of different beads with each person’s different designs.

Ultimately, this culture is set on creating good vibes, happiness, and having fun. To see it destroyed by careless abuse of drugs and profiteering from peddling unsafe drugs is heartbreaking to any true fan and believer in P.L.U.R.

Recommended Ads

Em’s Top Ads/Albums:

1. Artist: Valley Maker

Album: When I Was A Child

Description: This Seattle-based band comprised of Austin Crane and a grouping of other musicians is currently one of my favorites in the folk/alternative scene right now. This is the kind of somber, genuinely touching music that could send chills up your spine. Austin’s rich vocals, perfectly harmonized with a stunning female vocal, and paired with a really solid acoustic backing makes for a really unique and refreshing take on acoustic folk music. Perfect for a rainy day, no? My favorite tracks on the album right now are “Take My People Dancing” and “Only Friend”. Hauntingly beautiful and a very smooth, easy listen.

For fans of: The Head and the Heart, Iron & Wine, The Lumineers, Kodaline


2. Artist: Motion City Soundtrack

Album: Panic Stations

Description: These Warped Tour veterans from Minneapolis, Minnesota are the perfect addition to a rock radio show, and their new album is nothing short of a jam session! The songs on “Panic Stations” are just dripping with pop-punk excellence, and definitely showcase some cool vocals and instrumentals. Not only have these dudes toured with bands like The All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, and Panic at the Disco, but they’ve also been produced by Mark Hoppus, giving them huge punk credibility. “TKO” and “Heavy Boots” will have you head-banging, rocking out, and dancing around in no time.

For fans of: Jimmy Eat World, The Get Up Kids, Fall Out Boy, The Starting Line


3. Artist: Stereophonics

Album: Keep the Village Alive

Description: Could NOT be happier that this Welsh indie rock band is making its way to the States. Jams like “Sing Little Sister” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” are some of the best ones, and truly show off their cool alternative sound. Their new album definitely makes me want to go see a show of theirs next time they come around locally.

For fans of: The Kooks, The White Stripes, The Temper Trap


Sean’s Ads:

Artist: Method Man

Album: The Meth Lab

Description: The Meth Lab provides a classic east coast hip-hop vibe while showcasing Method Man’s adaptability and progression in the music industry. Wu-Tang’s Grammy winning rapper returns with some hard-hitting, villainous verses over bass-heavy, laid back beats. The Meth Lab features household names such as Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, and Redman, as well as plenty of new talent. The two hit singles off of the album “Straight Gutta” and “Purple Tape” are definitely worth a spin or two. Any hip-hop shows that enjoy classic east coast sound will love this ADD.

Sounds Like: Wu-Tang, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah


Artist: k-os

Album: Can’t Fly Without Gravity

Description: Can’t Fly Without Gravity is the latest album by Toronto hip-hop artist k-os. K-os brings together conscious verses, smooth hooks, clever sampling, and a variety of beats and melodies that make the album both interesting and coherent. K-os seamlessly combines genres and styles to create a project that is not only enjoyable to hip-hop fans, but music lovers of all genres. Songs like “Turn Me Loose” display his alternative styled songwriting, while “Crucify” and “Hustle & Flow” exhibit his rapping ability. Any hip-hop/alternative should consider spinning this ADD.

Sounds Like: Nas, Lupe Fiasco, Raury


Artist: Tuka

Album: LDTE

Description: LDTE is the second project from Sydney based alternative hip-hop artist Tuka. Tuka creates lyric-driven tracks with unique and non-traditional beats and melodies, often with deeper meanings and personal reflections. LDTE features strong emotion, melody, and songwriting, and incorporates influences from alternative and singer songwriter genres. Give the title track “LDTE” a spin and see if it’s up your alley. There are some great tracks for alternative hip-hop shows.

Sounds Like: Logic, k-os, Macklemore


Peach’s Ads:

Feel me – Izzat

This delightful house jam sounds like a combination of Deadmau5’s ‘Some Chords’ and Basshunter’s ‘All I Ever Wanted’, but with a little less hardstyle, less chords and a pinch of trance mixed in. If you like airy vocals and covers of The Cure’s ‘Love Song’ this is definitely the track for you. Whether you are pre-gaming for a big night out on the town, running on the tread mill or studying in the library, this relaxed house track fits any occasion. Don’t sleep on the opportunity to be the person ahead of the pop music curve and check out Izzat’s Feel Me.

Die Inside Your Dance (ft.Savoir Adore) – The Golden Pony

These guys are surely going to be the next Chainsmokers. Their funky deep house tracks are exactly what has become popular in the pop music as of late (think Calvin Harris ‘how deep is your love’ for reference) and they are sure to blow up in the next few months. The board and I were lucky enough to catch an intimate show by these guys when we were at CMJ, and they were successful in converting band purists into EDM believers. If Pat Ford and Brian Rupprecht can have a fun time listening to The Golden Pony, I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t enjoy these guys. This is their first original mix and it does not disappoint by any means. If you have a chance to check out their remixes on Soundcloud, all of them are available for free download. At the very least, peep this track and let the disco vibes warm your soul.


Broken Wings – Conchita Leeflang

Not for the faint of heart. Conchita hits you with a hard tech house drop, the likes of which I have not heard in quite some time. The classic house break-down and the airy big room vocals contrast the gritty bass perfectly and the classic house builds remind me of the early work of my man Tiesto. With Drops for days this heavy distorted tech bass progression will surely start a pants party. If you don’t listen, I guess you are going to miss… The panty raid.



Bryan’s Ads:

Artist: Kurt Vile

Ablum: b’lieve i’m goin down…

Kurt Vile’s most recent album has been met with critical success, as he continues to build him into one of the most notable musicians in rock world. This album seems to be more subdued than some of his previous one’s, but is still clearly based in rock. He makes use of the banjo on a fair amount of his tracks, such as “I’m an Outlaw”, giving the album a little bit of a folk and even country feel. The album also has some

solid rock tracks like the album’s lead single “Pretty Pimpin” and “Dust Bunnies”. These elements add up to give the album a classic singer-song writer feel, but with a bit of an edge. The album is probably best suited for alternative and rock shows, but could also probably fit a country or alternative show.

Comparable Artists: The War on Drugs, Wilco, Neil Young, Pavement

Favorite Tracks: Pretty Pimpin, I’m an Outlaw, Lost My Head There


Artist: The Libertines

Album: Anthems for Doomed Youth

It’s over ten years since the last Libertines albums, and their chaotic break-up, but the bands is back together and doing well. The album is very reminiscent of their early work, which incorporates elements of brit-pop into classic English punk rock, with tracks like “Fame and Fortune” and “Gunga Din”. At the same time the band has incorporated tracks with a more toned down, grown up mood with songs like “You’re My Waterloo”. The album, much like their previous two, is a great punk rock album that ties in some pop sensibilities. The album would be good for any type of rock show, especially punk or alternative ones.

Comparable Artists: The Strokes, The Clash, Oasis, Artic Monkeys

Favorite Tracks: Fame and Fortune, The Heart of the Matter, Glasgow Coma Scale Blues

10 Perfect Songs For Your Fall Semester Playlist

Written by Genesis A Garcia

During the semester, we need music to keep us going, to make emphasize moments and to help us get away from all the chaos. Music is our therapy. When you find the right songs, it feels as if they're soundtrack to your life.

I've put together 10 songs that could possible be applicable to yours!

1. Breathin' (Radio Remix) by EDX

Featured on Spotify's deep house playlist, Italian producer EDX makes his debut on Spinnin' Records record label. This song is perfect to get ready for a four-class day or one-class day. It sends a good chill vibe that would make you positive.

2. How Deep is Your Love? by Calvin Harris & Disciples

he infamous DJ Calvin Harris, known worldwide, never fails us and definitely didn't this summer. While promoting his new song with Gigi Hadid in the music video, Calvin Harris brings back the deep house and questions how deep your love for deep house is.

3. Right Hand by Drake

This summer Drake has made headlines for many things, whether its his possible dating life with Serena, musical beef with Meek Mill, or putting out new music, he never fails to make another hit. In Right hand, he brings a Californian feel to this song that makes it a perfect party song for the weekends!

4. Coming Over by Dillon Francis, Kygo Ft. James Hersey

Dillon Francis has made headlines in the electronic dance music world. From festivals to his own concerts, he never fails to make it a good time. With putting out a new album this summer called "This Mixtape is Fire," this song is definitely one of the hits. Interested in seeing him soon? Our neighbors URI are having him at the Ryan Center Oct. 6th!

5. What Went Down by Foals

The UK band Foals has finally put out their new album "What Went Down" with this single as their hit. They've become more creative, even having one of the first go-pro music videos for "Mountain at my Gates" that you have to check out! They have a pop/rock alternative feel thats great for a little pep in your step on your way to class.

6. No Less by SG Lewis and Louis Mattrs

SG Lewis, a DJ I recently discovered from the UK, is real chill and mellow. He makes a lot of songs with many different artists such as JP Cooper and Louis Mattrs. This would be a perfect song for those all nighters that'll keep you in the zone and vibing.

7. You're On (Gramatik Remix) by Madeon ft. Kyan

tarting his DJ career at only the age of 16, Madeon became a highlight with many of his popular remixes. Madeon recently put out an album this year in March that featured "Pay no Mind" and "Home." This remix is special, however, because another DJ, Gramatik, remixed this groovy version into a perfect Saturday morning song.

8. This is the Life by Two Door Cinema Club

The classic Irish indie rock band Two Door Cinema Club, who've had hits such as "What You Know" and "Something Good Can Work," have another hit that is a perfect song to realize that this time of your life is what you make it, so be optimistic and try your best!

9. Don't Play by Travi$ Scott ft. Big Sean

Travi$ Scott has made headlines and reached high ranks with his new fourth album, titled "Rodeo," that can also be purchased with his very own action figure! This song is definitely a party song, so make sure you put it on!

10. We Don't Stop by Kaskade

Kashered never fails to give us more and more. With a new album coming out Sept. 25, titled "AUTOMATIC," with singles like this one, "Never Sleep Alone," "A Little More" and "Disarm You," we're all so eager to hear what he has in stored for us. Along with his album, he has blessed us with a tour, which I'm attending Oct. 26! If you're 21 or over, you can see him in Boston Oct. 21 and Foxwoods in Connecticut Oct. 20!


WDOM 91.3 FM Concert with Sam Woolf, the Como Brothers, and Sarah Barrios!

We will be hosting a concert event on Saturday, September 19th at 7:30pm in the Blackfriars Theater. Tickets will be open to the Providence College campus as well as the general public.  Tickets can be purchased for $10 at the Slavin Info Desk outside the fishbowl, at the door of the Blackfriars Theater on 9/19, or online.

Come down for a fun music-filled night!



SAM WOOLF is a folk/pop singer songwriter known for his original arrangements, beautiful pitch perfect tone and emotional original songs. His performances and recordings have obtained millions of views on YouTube and Sam receives tremendous support from his fan club, the “WOOLFPACK” on social media. Sam Woolf has gained national recognition as a finalist on American Idol’s 2014 Season where he placed in the Top 5. Independent Grammy-winning producer Danny Blume has agreed to produce and record an EP containing Sam's originals for release. 

Sam was born in Detroit and lived in West Bloomfield, Michigan until he was 10. Sam has since lived in Florida and he graduated from Bradenton High School in June of 2014. Sam’s father, Scott Woolf, introduced him to acoustic folk-rock music when he was a young child. Sam’s Grandfather (“Papa Roy”) sent him to singing lessons with opera singer Bob Lischetti for several years, and Sam taught himself guitar. During high school, Sambegan performing locally in Bradenton at restaurants and cafés and was a mentee of the Del Couch Music Education Foundation, which booked him for performances at local events.




Having grown up performing in a Beatles tribute band on Long Island The Como Brothers are no strangers to the Long Island music scene. Matt and Andrew Como have been honing their craft as established singer/songwriters and performers.  Our music has been on Keeping up with the Kardashians, MTV's Real World and Oxygen Channel's Best Ink.  e Como Brothers - Matt and Andrew are singer/songwriters and performers. October 2014 they recorded a new EP with Grammy Award winning producer Graham Marsh (Bruno Mars, CeeLo Green) at Germano Studios in NYC. Also playing with them on the EP is Grammy winning artist Steve Jordan on drums and Andy Burton of the John Mayer Band on Keys. The new EP is scheduled to be released in June 2015. They have 3 releases so far, "The Speed of Sound EP" (2012) “Still Waters EP” (March 2013), and, full length album “Baby Steps” (October 1, 2013).

    e Como Brothers Band have performed at many music venues and festivals throughout the Northeast. Formed by songwriters Matt and Andrew Como, the band is known for their catchy lyrics and melodies.  They are an experienced band that has opened for acts such as PJ Morton of Maroon 5, The Wallflowers, American Idol David Cook,Howie Day, Ryan Beatty, Sam Woolf (American Idol contestant), Tyler Ward, Jillian Jensen (X-Factor and American Idol contestant). The band has performed at the Hard Rock Cafe Times Square, The Cutting Room, Highline Ballroom, Webster Hall (Marlin Room), Nassau Coliseum Warped Tour, The Middle East Club, The Troc Balcony, Manchester 65, Jammin Java, North Star Bar, Theater Thre and the Jones Beach Amphitheater Side Stage to name a few.  

Links: .


Singer/Songwriter Sarah Barrios, is a quiet storm that’s taking over the music scene throughout New England & beyond. In 2014, Barrios won The New England Music Award’s “Best New Act of the Year” & as of 2015, a nominee for “Best Female Performer of The Year”. In addition, Connecticut Magazine just named Barrios one of their “40 under 40 High Achievers to watch in 2015″ & is now a CT Music Award Nominee for "Best Singer Songwriter". Sarah continues to watch her career take off as she tours as a headliner & opening for some of America’s biggest names in music while sharing her style of blues/Indy/Pop with fans! Check her out at or on Facebook: & follow her on Twitter: @sarahelizb or Instagram: Sarah Barrios


What's up DJs!?!?

Here is our next installment of ADDs for the station. Tell me what you think!!! Your feedback is always appreciated!!



Artist: Elle King

AlbumLove Stuff


DescriptionLove Stuff is a real bluesy album. Resembling Janis Jpolin, with her up beat twangy hook, Elle King delivers on this inaugural album. The daughter of Rob Schneider proves that she can belt out hits with the best of them. Look for this album to top the charts in the upcoming month. Songs like “Under The Influence” relay a spontaneous message coupled with the pounding drums. Featured on her album is Patrick Kearney, drummer for the Black Keys. Any pop show that likes chill R&B will love this ADD.

Sounds Like: Patti Smith, Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin


Artist: Steve Earle & The Dukes

Album: Terraplane

Description: COUNTRY AND FOLK SHOWS LISTEN UP! This ADD is specifically for you. Steve Earle partners with his new band and produces an awesome record equipped with awesome slide guitars and a southern drawl that you won’t find on any other ADDs. “You’re The Best Lover That I Ever Had” tops this album. Steve Earle channels his inner influences and belts the blues out his butt! Great tracks for rock/country stations.

Sounds Like: ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stevie Ray Vaughn


Artist: Kill Lincoln

Album: Good Riddance To Good Advice

Description: This “fuck the system” album embodies the garage punk attitude with a little 21st century reggae flair. This ska band thrashes onto the scene sounding eerily like Less Than Jake and Sublime. The horns absolutely make this album great they bring the peace to the singer’s powerful voice. Listen to the title track, ”Good Riddance To Good Advice”

Sounds Like: Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Slightly Stoopid

-Patrick Ford

Spring 2015 Adds

Hello DJs,

I hope you are enjoying your shows and getting more an more familiar with the station and the club as a whole.

Like I stated at are general meeting, us music directors want to properly inform the club members on which ADDs we like and and which ADDs we recommend for which shows. The attachment here gives you a little insight into what ADDs are already loaded on the station computer. Alex, Joelle, Connor, and I have uploaded about 10-12 albums from various artists. Here's just a peek into what we like!! 

More ADDs will frequent the computer as we move along this semester. Please expect one of these emails about every two weeks as our music gets updated! Comments are welcomed!

- Your MDs


Pat’s ADDs

Artist: Umphrey’s McGee

Album: Similar Skin

Description: Umphrey’s McGee is so difficult to put into a genre. They are a progressive rock band with jam band and folky roots. They have played with bands like Phish, moe., and the Disco Biscuits. Songs like “No Diablo” and “The Linear” are two highlights of the album. They are a very instrumentally driven band with amazing talent. They tour in small venues around the country frequenting the East coast. They actually came to Lupo’s last winter and killed it. One of the best light shows I’ve ever witnessed. So far this ADD is my favorite on the computer.

Sounds Like: Phish, moe., Lettuce, Disco Biscuits


Artist: String Cheese Incident

Album: Song In My Head

Description: This Colorado based folk band is the perfect ADD for any folk, country, or jam rock shows. They have toured with a lot of the same bands as Umphrey’s McGee but their genre tends to be softer, more easy-going folk music. Their psychedelic sounds will appeal to many DJs though. Songs like “Song In My Head” and “Let’s Go Outside” offer some upbeat funky jams perfect for any blues, rock, or country station looking for the perfect complimentary ADD.

Sounds Like: Yonder Mountain String Band, Mumford & Sons, Phish


Artist: Raised Fist

Album: From The North

Description: This metal band rounds out my list of highlighted ADDs. They are heavy and bring some real fucking power! They remind me of Avenged Sevenfold with their heavy harmonic guitars, coupled with some real screaming and angst. In a post System of a Down world, they would be proud to see metal not going to waste. “Ready to Defy” sounds EXACTLY like System… Serj’s personality comes through in this jam. “We Will Live Forever” also takes metal to the next level. Give this a listen if you have a rock or heavy metal show. With my show being “PEACE & POWER” you better believe this ADD will see some spins!

Sounds Like: Korn, System of a Down, Avenged Sevenfold, Rise Against


Alex’s ADDs

Artist: Bike Thief

Album: Stuck In A Dream

Description: Bike Thief sounds like a combination of Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins.  The best song on the album is “Violet Waves” by far.  Other good songs are “Shimmer” and “Ghost of Providence”.  I am a big Radiohead fan and think that more bands should draw influence from them.  This band clearly does. Perfect ADD for any pop or soft rock show.

Sounds Like: Radiohead, Coldplay, Smashing Pumpkins


Artist: Papadosio

Album: Night & Day

Description: Night and Day is a live album with a compilation of some of Papadosio’s greatest hits.  Papadosio is a light rock band that has been pumping out music since 2009.  They draw their sounds from Coldplay and many other modern light rock bands.  The best songs on the album are “New Love”, “it wasn’t for you”, and “The Elephant I prefer.”  I like this album because it has a new rock sound while also staying true to fundamental rock principals.

Sounds Like: Lettuce, STS9, moe.


Connor’s ADDs

Artist: The National Parks

Album: Young

Description: This band could just secretly be The Lumineers who added a piano player and no one would ever know. Both bands have similar amount of acoustic guitars, harmonicas, and dual male/female vocals and both come from the Rocky Mountain region. The songs are light and usually upbeat, making their songs better for softer/indie shows. The songs start to sound the same after a while, but it’s all consistently good stuff.

Best songs: “Ghosts” “Helsinki”


Artist: Seinabo Say

Album: For Madeline - EP

Description: This album blends pop, R&B, and electronic music all together and yet somehow iTunes labels it under “Alternative”. Anyways, this Swedish singer is amazing. In a lot of ways, her style resembles that of and edgier, female, Sam Smith—very vocal heavy, passionate tracks, but all encompassed in some darker synth/drum beat. The whole album is great—especially the remix of “Younger” that Kygo is brought in for. This album will probably play best for pop/electronic shows, but I’ll recommend it to everyone.

Best songs: “Younger (Kygo Remix)” “Hard Time” 


Artist: Ariel Pink

Album: Pom Pom

Description: Ariel Pink tried to make a “California-in-the-early-70’s” pop album and he did just fine.  Synthesizers, droned out vocals, and lyrics about everyday nonsense dominate the majority of the tracks. It’s all very different from typical tracks heard today-- and this whole album definitely won’t be for everyone-- but for the shows that enjoy a little experimental or lo-fi 60’s rock, then it’ll fit in great.

Best songs: “Put Your Number In My Phone” “Picture Me Gone” “Lipstick”