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WDOM 91.3 FM Providence College Radio is a student-operated, non-commercial educational radio station. Our frequency is 91.3 FM on the radio dial. WDOM is an ever growing media outlet that streams online and interacts with the Providence Metropolitan area. At WDOM, we give students the ability to exercise their wide variety of music and talk interests to the entire public. WDOM is also a vehicle to inspire students to enter the field of broadcasting and other related fields. We operate from 8:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m., each day during the school year. We hold many events throughout the year, from our annual Stuartstock concert to numerous open Mic nights, which give the student performers the stage in McPhail's throughout the year. We have a confident group of students who manage the station, interviews, sports, and other radio-related events. If you are not a local listener, you can find the stream for the station on our main home page. If you are interested in submitting music, setting up an interview, getting your business advertised or would just like to give compliments or ways to improve the station, please look below or look at our exec page here and email us specifically.

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Here at WDOM, the executive board, alongside our large student body, appreciate and listen to submissions we get . We encourage those interested in possible interviews, getting publicity for their music, or advertising their local business to please submit their personal info and the subject of their submission. We are very excited to be improving our station and through your submissions, you will be helping us too!

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Providence College

1 Cunningham Square, Providence, RI 02918

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